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Large Dragon Water Fountain With Lit Orb

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There are no stickers on this fellow to inform me of Brand or manufacturer, I suspect that the price was a part of the stickers and in order that I'd not know what the children paid for it they ripped everything off :) I do know he was a tad bit expensive thought and can only guess that he was in the area of $150 and $250 but am not positive. I'm basing my guesstimate on others I have seen that are similar

Anyone who knows me usually doesn't have to ask me what I'd like for Christmas, a birthday, Anniversary or any other special occasion when a gift might be in the cards. I am actually not one who looks for such occasions to receive things - my joy usually comes from giving to others. So, when my family asks the age old question "mom what would you like for ...." I usually say that they don't need to buy me anything to which they get frustrated :) Usually they'll comment that I couldn't possibly want another dragon type gift or anything Oriental and of course, I'll never refuse either of these gift categories - I am a lover of dragon and Oriental anything!

A few years ago for Christmas, my family gave me a gorgeous, large water fountain. This fountain has a large dragon that watches over a clear crystal orb. The Orb sits on a pedestal and water trickles from the dragons mouth over the orb to create a very nice calming water fountain. The orb itself has lights beneath it and this fountain makes a great light accent as well as a soothing water fountain addition to any home (well, any home that doesn't mind dragons hanging about).

The majority of the fountain is made of a heavy stone material but isn't real stone - I guess it would be a fabricated material but it's intricately designed and the dragon is magnificent. It's very reminiscent of medieval artifacts with the Grey tones throughout as though it has been carved from a large rock. The fountain holds a good sized pitcher of water and can run for days without requiring refilling in the summer. In the winter, it needs to be refilled more due to the furnace being on.

Right now this fellow guards my Wealth corner in my home and he's been doing a fine job of it. Usually I'll run him more frequently during the winter months as he adds a nice soothing sound of trickling water reminding me of spring time and he sort of keeps me sane through the cold winter months.

This fellow is one of my favorite gifts and I really appreciate that my family endulges me in my little obsession with these beautiful creatures.