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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours, Best Secure Deals!

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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Ya I gave it a bad rating, on a recent trip to Las Vegas my mate and I decided to book a Grand Canyon tour. We booked online as we heard the prices go up once your there and already the prices were pretty steep so a friend told us about the respectable Vegas.com. We picked the tour that was right for us; a 3 hour flight of the Grand Canyon for those with little time on their hands. The tour included hotel pick-up as well so we submitted our info, gave them our payment and received our package!! The day of our departure to Vegas I made sure to check my email to confirm that all flights and tours were un-changed, of course everything was in order. The day of our tour we review the information provided on the tour print out, it states that the bus will pick us up in the 'North Tower Lobby' we ask about 4 concierge to direct us to the North tower and once there we confirm with the girls at the desk that this is the correct pick-up. The paper says that the bus may be up to 20 minutes late and here we were 20 minutes early, the 20minutes goes by and then 20 more, we decided to wait 20 more minutes before contacting Vegas.com Customer Service Department. We call the number on the paper and give all of our info, the girl checks into the system and tells us that "The bus came to pick you up but you weren't at the main lobby so they left" we question the girl stating that we have been here for 1 hour now waiting and nobody ever came through the doors of the North Tower (as stated on the paper). The girl replies "North Lobby? The bus went to the main lobby, there was a change in the pick-up location but since you didn't provide us with a phone number we could not inform you of the change". Phone number? Mentally I question myself then explain that the website of Vegas.com never asked for a phone number just the e-mail and billing info (for the record even upon arrival of home I never received any notice of change). The girl tells us that the tour has left and that they will not issue a refund because it is our fault their website never asked for a phone number. This makes me pretty upset since I spent over $500.00 Canadian and wasted 1 hour waiting for a bus that never came. The girl informs us of 1 other option, she tells us that we can take a cab to Boulder City and that the plane will wait 10 minutes for us. Uh hello? Boulder City is at least a 25 minute drive, so between trying to sort this out with Vegas.com and get in a cab to get to Boulder City we ask the girl "what if we take longer than 10 minutes to arrive?" she replies "well then that's your problem." scratching my head "my problem?". We arrive in Boulder City 20 minutes later spending $75.00 of the only $200.00 we had on us for that day, lucky for us the plane was there because if it hadn't been according to Vegas.com we would have just spent an extra $150.00 to view the crappy rolling rocks of Nevada from a cab for their negligence.

I must admit though the Grand Canyon tour flight was absolutely breath-taking, that place is a site that anybody who is anybody should just go and see!! I can't express how out of this world it is, it doesn't even look like Earth and it shouldn't because it is a dried up Sea which is what has happened to other planets in the solar system, they just dried up and left sandy mountains behind. Everything looks so close yet when you see the people living off in the mountains they are of the tiniest spec. A flight view of the Grand Canyon is an absolute must-see however select your tour direct from http://www.grandcanyonairlines.com or http://www.papillion.com steer clear of Vegas.com though because if all that weren't bad enough when it was time to go the guy who gave us our bus pass said the bus was leaving in 10 minutes... More like 2 minutes because the bus almost left us there for the ride back as well.

Update On Mar 25, 2009: Update: Effective March 24, 2009. It appears that Vegas.com has seen this review as they contacted me via e-mail to issue a refund for the cab fare and gave me a nice coupon offer, I guess this means that Vegas.com is not 'that' bad for business. Enjoy your stay in Las Vegas if this review was part of your deciding factor and thank you to Vegas.com for tracking me down!