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Laser Hair Removal Rocks!!

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After a few years of dealing with coarse hairs popping up on my chin and neck, as well as dealing with too much upper hair, I took the plunge and scheduled laser hair removal.

My doctor recommended going to the local OB-GYN office for the treatments. That's right - the same office that deals with pregnant woman also offered laser hair removal! I first met with the nurse who preformed the laser treatments so she could explain the process and examine me to see if I the treatments would work on me. Laser hair removal works best on dark-haired, light-skinned people; and I was a perfect candidate. I was instructed to stay out of the sun - and would have to during the whole process - and to not tweeze any of the hairs that were to be lasers.

It took four treatments, one per week, to complete the cycle. After putting some gel substance over the hairs to be removed, the laser process began. I braced myself for pain, but it just felt like a minor rubber band snap. It only took about 5 minutes for the nurse to do my entire neck, chin and upper lip.

While the first treatment did cause me to break out in a small rash on my neck, it quickly went away and the rest of the treatments caused no problems at all. During the month, I could only shave hairs that showed, not tweeze them.

After all my treatments were complete, the hair was gone! I was advised that in time, some hairs could come back, and that has happened to me. I still have about 98% of the hair gone, so it was definitely a success. They do offer touch-ups when hair returns, but so far I haven't gone back for that. Hormones can affect hair growing back, so it's normal for it to reappear after time.

While it can be pricey, if you are dealing with the embarrassment of unwanted hair, definitely look into laser hair removal. If I could afford it, I'd have it down everywhere!