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Last Action Hero 1993

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Danny (Austin O'Brien) is a 12 year old movie buff whose favorite movie character is Jack Slater, a super-cool action hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Danny is a loner who finds escape in movies; his best friends are Nick, the projectionist at an old movie theater, and Slater. When the latest sequel of Slater's adventures comes out, Danny runs to the theater to see it, and Nick gives him a magical movie ticket. The ticket transports Danny into the film - into the world of Jack Slater. Danny spends some time exploring the world that suddenly has become real. Meanwhile, Benedict (Charles Dance), the villain from the Slater movies, gets his hands on the magical ticket and travels to our - real - world. Benedict quickly learns that in the real world evil can succeed and go unpunished; he also figures that if he kills Schwarzenegger, Jack Slater will cease to exist as well.

I found the concept of every movie being an actual world very interesting. Just that alone would have made me enjoy this film. However, it offers much more as a smart acton parody, exposing all the movie tricks that we have come to accept (the hero always wins, he hardly ever gets hurt, etc.). I liked Danny and his interaction with Slater, they both seemed to learn something from one another. I also enjoyed the scene of Slater meeting the real Schwarzenegger - I thought it was very neat to bring them together.

One final note: the picture quality of this DVD is not so good (pan & scan full-screen), so I would recommend getting the wide-screen edition.