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Last Light By Terri Blackstock Great Book!

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Airplanes fall out of the sky. All the lights go out and all electronics fail. The Nation is suddenly sent back to the days before electricity and no one is ready for it. The Last Light is the first book in the Redemption Series by Terri Blackstock. This is a gripping story of a community of people who learn how to live after being thrust into a time when all electricity has quit working.

What has happened? No one knows. What they do know is they need to learn to survive and they have no idea how. Where will they find water and food? How will they cook if they find food? How will they get around with no cars running? Then the question is, "where would they go with all banks and stores closed?" What about the much-needed police, fire and medical services? Will they be able to work at all?

As with most disasters, this brings out the worst in many people. Things begin to really go bad and people are living in fear, when one family steps forward and changes it all. They believe in God and God's Word. They believe what He says is truth, so they begin to reach out to their neighbors with that love and truth. This results in many lives being changed all around them. People begin to pull together, work together and live in peace. They learn to survive as a community.

This is an exciting book and will grip you and hold on. It will leave you thirsting for the next in the series. It will make you think about yourself, God, and human nature. You will ask what kind of person you will be if disaster strikes, and life is nothing close to what you've known. Will you remember God and trust in His truths?

This book is unforgettable and it will stay with you. Enjoy!