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Lava Lites Are Cool!

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cnt24 By cnt24 on
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Welcome to my world! One of the first things you would notice stepping into my home is we have a very eclectic collection of stuff. In my kitchen I have a lava lamp by Lava Lite sitting on the pass through shelf. It's just there most of the time. But when there are guests in the house, that motion lamp is rolling.

It's quite interesting to note when someone spots it. The wax is in motion, really putting on a show, and the spectator is utterly mesmerized. Usually after a good watching session you hear, "that's cool!" Well, yes, it is cool.

Getting the "lava" activated is easy. You just turn on the lamp and let it heat. After about 30 minutes you'll see some activity.

Lava Lite lamps don't provide any significant real light. These little gems are just novelties. Okay, I have two...I can't help myself. The second lamp has purple oil and white wax with a silver base and topper. Everyone should really have at least one Lava Lite.