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Lavender Luxury

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Ever since my daughter left home, I've been working on converting her room into a writing retreat for myself. (But don't worry-I've also incorporated lots of things that were hers, so that when she comes home, she'll know she's loved.) I like to decorate with a Victorian, feminine style, so I have displayed her prom dresses, and a couple of her little girl fancy dresses on beautiful lace covered hangers.

But in addition to my memories of my baby, I also have lots of grown-up things that I plan to enjoy. One is a small white fireplace that actually has a heating unit for those cold winter nights. I also have a beautiful bedspread called Arabian Nights by Seventeen that has gorgeous colors of pink, lavender, burgundy, and purple. I have a recliner in a color that matches the comforter--sort of pinkish-red. I'm also going to get a new PC for my writing adventures.

It's becoming a terrific room-very small, but cozy. But it needed something else to make it even more appealing. I was shopping in our new Big Lots the other night when I saw it--a lavender area rug. I couldn't believe my eyes. Usually these solid color rugs are in very traditional colors, like black, green, or brown. But this was a lavender rug! Perfect for my room!. My husband had dropped me off, and was waiting outside with our van. (Great-no worry about transporting it!)

It is a medium pile plush carpet, 5' by 8', and it is beautiful! It fit perfectly in the space between the bed and where I plan to put my desk. It really made the room come together, as there are many lavender touches, including a beaded lamp. I cannot tell you how much cozier it all looks, thanks to my new area rug. And best of all, it was only $20.00!!!! Big Lots has incredible close-out prices.

So if you're looking for a little extra touch to brighten a room, try an area throw rug. Mine is pure lavender luxury!