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Lavender Vanilla Sleep Soap : Z Zzzzzzzz

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I am still trying to figure out what genius came up with the idea of a hand soap that makes you want to sleep... As bizarre a notion as it may sound, it was actually quite a commendable idea!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Sleep Hand Soap does not have a name that naturally rolls off your tongue, but just remember Lavender Sleep Soap and you'll be on the way to a soothing and truly relaxing cleansing experience, one that I must admit, does not need to be limited to ones hands. I have used this as a body wash regularly in the shower before bed and frankly, I find it better suited and more effective in that situation.

The intent behind this remarkable and wonderful product is that you would wash your hands and thereafter relax by inhaling the aroma emitting from your palms. The explanation on the bottle suggests: "... helps to calm feelings of stress that can keep you from falling asleep." However, I think the image of wandering the house with ones hands cupped against ones nose may raise a few eyebrows, and I wonder: "How can I sup my cocoa if both my hands are so enticingly aromatic that I can't peel them away from my face?"....

This visual scared me so much so that I now ONLY use this as a nightime shower product!

How Do I Really Feel?....

I really enjoy this soap. I do find that it has great relaxing properties but have yet to fall asleep any faster after using it! The scent is a beautiful, warm yet fresh fusion of Lavender and Vanilla that clings to your skin leaving you with a very long lasting fragrance.

As it is not intended to be used the way I choose to use it, it does not offer a very rich lather. In fact, it barely lathers at all. Although it claims to have gentle cleansing properties, I would rather not use it solely for that purpose, keeping it as an "after cleansing aromatic supplement" - why didn't THEY think of that, eh?


* Beautiful scent

* A 12fl oz bottle lasts forever as you only need apply a small amount

* Not tested on animals

* Natural ingredients with essential oils

* Very relaxing


* No lather

* Odd concept

* TOO relaxing!!!

In Closing

Having just emerged from my nightly Lavender/Vanilla shower, I am too relaxed to type any more, so just do yourself a favor and try this - you will LOVE it!