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Law Abiding Citizen Review

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Law Abiding citizen comes out on dvd this week. It's an average film with an average protagonist. Actually there are two protangonists: the grieving, spy of a father (Gerard Butler) and the cop who's trying to take him down (Denzel Washington). While the audience should perhaps pity the father who just lost his wife and child, it seems that Denzel Washington is the one every one will love.

Clyde Shelton (Butler) watches his wife and daughter being raped and murdered by two men. Nick Rice (Washington) is assigned to the court case as lawyer. Nick is forced by his boss to let one of the murderers get off with a short sentance against his will.

So many years later we see Shelton has brutally murdered the one that got away. He admits it and is arrested. After the quite gruesome scene the film is on it's crashing spiral down. It is revealed that Clyde was actually a spy before his marriage which is a bit miraculous. That instantly makes him unrelatable. He is not a real man, he is a spy trained for murder and revenge. While Butler does an okay job at portraying this spy, turned father, turned psychotic murderer, the premise is a little green.

The audience finds themselves switching sides to partner with the ever cool Washington. You want Clyde to be caught, you want him arrested.

Anyways ... Clyde now is behind bars but somehow (i'm not sure how) finds a way to kill off everyone who was part of the trial. He threatens Nick that killings will continue unless he can find a way to fix the flawed judicial system. What Nick could actually have done is beyond me.

Anyway, the murders are well thought out and are good for a thrill. But we come to realise that Clyde is a complete sociopath. He is ruining other people's lives just as his were ruined. In effect he is killing innocents and in turn ruining their family's lives. Maybe he didn't think of that but surely he is just as bad as the murderers.

Regardless of above gripes the film is exciting. If you can look past the crazed, sociopathic, evil father give the film a shot. And if you do buy it or have already seen it: the mobile phone is AWESOME!! :)