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Lawn Tractor Cover Just Right... Sort Of...

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This vinyl lawn tractor cover from Miles Kimball was just exactly what I was looking for and I loved it. But I was unable to keep it from being beaten to shreds, in just two seasons, by the wind we have that whips around our house. Even so, it’s not too expensive, I should just order another.

Sorry that I can’t offer a picture of this product, but it’s just a plain green, heavy vinyl “box” cover that you can fit over your lawn tractor. It comes in two sizes, 60" x 50" x 30" high for $14.99 and 72" x 50" x 36" high for $15.99. I had the larger one.

The vinyl is 4-gauge, which is fairly heavy (but not as thick as the high end plastic tarps), and it has a nice feel to it. It is not stiff and difficult to work with. The seams are taped, making them stronger, more weatherproof, and very nice. The cover fit my older model lawn tractor / mower perfectly.

It has several cotton “tie-down straps” hanging from the bottom edge. However, these are about 8" long, and I don’t know what you could tie them to. I didn’t find them helpful. And this lack of ability to fasten the cover down was what did it in.

We just can’t escape the wind here on top of our hill. I have no way to keep the tractor inside, although it is in a somewhat sheltered location. But the wind just kept lifting this cover off the tractor and thrashing it against some of the metal edges on the machine till it shredded. Probably two seasons for a $16 cover is good. But I want even my inexpensive purchases to last forever.

Perhaps if it had a vent or two in the side walls the wind would not be able to lift it off the tractor so easily. But then water would blow in. I think it needs some little vents with cover flaps like tent windows.

I’m sitting here looking at this cover in the catalog, and will probably order another one because I really, really liked it, and I just put a pile of money into getting the mower fixed. I’m currently using one of those horrid, stiff plastic tarps with bungie cords to hold it over the mower, and the wind is going to do the same thing to that tarp. I will just care less, because I don’t like the tarp.

Perhaps if I sew those tie-downs into loops I can bungie this cover to the mower more tightly to protect it from the flapping in the wind as much. If I get a new one I’ll post the picture.

Miles Kimball