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Leading Lady Leisure Bra Is Truly Comfy

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I am well-endowed and have yet to meet a bra that I could forget I was wearing. Until I got my first Leading Lady leisure/sleep bra, that is.

Anyone who can’t buy a bra in Victoria’s Secret because they don’t offer your size can understand what it’s like to never be comfortable in a bra. I’ve found a few bras that are reasonably comfortable to wear during the day, but I certainly don’t want to wear them after I get home and am trying to relax. I’m one of those girls who just doesn’t feel comfortable taking it all off, but I’ve never been able to find a camisole that fits and is modest enough.

I have spent years perusing online sales to try one style of bra after another. I shudder to think about how much money I have spent, and I have a drawer full of bras that I’ve only worn a few times and put away in frustration.

One day I happened upon the Leading Lady leisure/sleep bra at herroom.com. Admittedly, the pattern I got it in was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, as the only color available was a purple-pink leopard print. I put it on the evening it came in the mail and braced myself for another disappointment.

There are two ranges of cup sizes that I’ve seen for this bra. The first is “C/D/DD, ” sometimes referred to as “C/D/E.” The second size is “F/G/H, ” which is the size I have. The band sizes are in the usual two-inch increments, and come in a wide range of band sizes (especially the larger sizes in the 40’s and even 50’s). I have found them to be true to size, as I wear the same band size in this bra as I do in most of the other bras I own. But if you want to go up a size I’m sure it would be even more comfortable.

The bra closes in the front, and when you go to put it on it feels very stretchy. It has a peculiar way of fastening: there are about 10 hook and eye closures that are a bit awkward to close, but once it’s done you don’t even feel them. At first I thought they would come undone if I bent over or stretched too far, but they haven’t. It's made out of a polyester/cotton blend that is cool in the summer and breathes nicely.

At some point I realized I was supposed to be paying attention to how the bra felt. I had actually forgotten that I was wearing a new bra, and once I tuned into it I realized how much I liked it.

The straps are wide enough not to dig in, but not too wide. However, the straps do tend to sit halfway between my neck and my shoulders (like a sports bra), so they often show if my shirt has an open collar. I don’t usually care because I’m at home and no one is seeing me anyway!

There is no underwire, which is nice. Because it is a front-closure bra, a lot of websites advertise it as a nursing bra too. I can’t speak for that, but it seems like it would work okay and it would be super easy to put nursing pads in the cups as they are tight enough to be supportive but loose enough to be comfortable.

I’ve also found that I can adjust myself after I’ve fastened the bra depending on how tight or loose I want it to be, even though there are no straps to adjust. There is only one row of hook and eye closures so you have to be sure to get the size you need as nothing adjusts on this bra (but I think that’s what helps make it so comfy!).

I have bought several more colors of this bra, and I look forward to putting it on in the evenings. The only thing that I don’t like is that it looks pretty bad under clothing. If you buy the C/D/DD size I’m sure you wouldn’t have this problem, but bigger-chested women will feel a bit droopy in this bra, especially because it’s unlined. This is totally expected because it’s not a bra that’s meant to be supportive; and I don’t wear it outside of the house unless I’m walking my dog, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think it would look just like your normal bra under your normal clothing. If you like to buy lined bras (like I do) so you can be a bit more modest on cold days or in air-conditioned places this might not be the bra for you, either, as the material is on the thin side.

If you're looking for comfort in a bra, this might be the bra for you. It's super affordable (I've found them on eBay for about ten bucks each new!) and you'll probably forget you're wearing it. However, you might want to try something different if you want a pretty bra to wear under clothing when you leave the house. But in my opinion, I don't care what it looks like as long as it does its job, and this one makes me pretty happy!