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League Of Legends: Pretty Great

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By faust on
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Brief History

Before I dive into this, I would like to give a summation of this game's past, simply because I find it interesting. Many moons ago, there was a Game called Starcraft. Somewhere along the line somebody made a mod for Starcraft titled Aeon of Strife. Then, some time around 2003, Guinsoo made a mod for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne called Defense of the Ancients. This saw an explosion in popularity and certain devouts still play it to this day. Now, League of Legends was based on Defense of the Ancients, which was based on Aeon of Strife.

The Game

League of Legends comes in Two-Parts, the first is essentially a Hub of sorts. The Second, is the actual nitty gritty, the game itself.

Part One: The Hub – This is what you see when you start the game. The Hub presents you with some of the most recent news in the League of Legends community. It allows you to browse the store, where you can buy Champions, Runes, and certain other things with IP that you earn from winning games, or RP that you can spend money on. Additionally, the hub grants access to a matchmaking system where you can join a queue to fight other people, or assemble a party to fight other people.

Part Two: The Battlefield – This is what most people will recognize as the actual game. It takes place in a Bird's Eye View style, like most strategy games. However, where it sets itself apart, is that you don't control the massive horde of minions, instead, you play as a Champion. Over the course of the game you kill the minions on the battlefield and make your way to level 18, buying items that benefit your Champion along the way. The goal of the game, is to destroy the enemies Nexus, which is protected by a series of turrets that must be demolished before you can reach it. Games usually last anywhere from Twenty minutes to an Hour.

The Final Word

Mustering up as much honesty as I can, League of Legends certainly has it's problems. Which I'm sure are obvious to those who have played it, but in spite of those problems, LoL is a fantastic game. It caters to not only the Loner demographic, who wishes to rough and tumble with a group of strangers, but also to those who wish to endeavor against others with a pre-made party. Admittedly, this game has been the cause of many a clenched fist and howl of rage for me, but no matter how much anger it may provoke, I always, always end up enjoying myself.