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Leak Ender 2000

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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Do you remember seeing to TV ads for the leak ender 2000? This is what the commercial would say. "This home repair product is a TeflonĀ®-based spray that seals leaks and cracks in metal, wood, cement, brick, plastic, fiberglass and more instantly! Leak Ender 2000 is perfect for use indoors or outside. It quickly repairs leaking pipes, gutters, roofs, ducts, walls, etc. so you can avoid costly water damage". Sold in a 14 oz. can.

Just say NO!!!!!

I bought this stuff a few years ago. I was thinking, "Cool it seals water hoses and would be great for my camper, " I had at the time.

The leak ender 2000, does nothing it is suppose to.

It will not seal any kind of leak.

The content of the can, once sprayed, will never dry, and if it did, I still think it wouldn't work.

I bought two cans of this product. What a waste of money.

What I can't believe, is they still sell it on the carol wright web site, and may sell it on other sites.

My advice, save your money, its all a lie.

Oh, it got a .1 rating on stopping leaks, just so you would know, I didn't forget to put a rating, because I wanted to put 0.