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Lean Mean Thirteen

Reviewing: Lean Mean Thirteen By Janet Evanovich  |  Rating:
By marylynn on
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This novel is an action packed story of a female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, that learns her past can still cause pains of enormous amounts even after letting it go. This book explores different relationships that Stephanie has. The first notable relationship is the one with her ex-husband Dickie. He was a cheating husband that as you read you will realize is the reason her life gets turned upside down. Then you will see her being followed by Dickie's girlfriend, Joyce, because she thinks that Stephanie is responsible for Dickie's disappearance.Then there is the cop boyfriend Joe, who allows her to think that her ex-husband's disappearance is real while all along he knows that he was not kidnapped but was in police protection. While doing a favor for a friend, Ranger, she gets tied to Dickie by staging a fight at Dickies office and then becomes the target by his would be kidnappers. This story offers action, deceit, secrets, and a slight bit of humor. I think my favorite of her relationships was the one with Ranger. He takes her safety as a responsibility but you can sense the sexual tension between the two as they are constantly dealing with dangerous situations. I will say that you will not be sorry for buying this book. I really liked this book because I think that it represents a strong woman who is a force to be recognized. I can relate to her by how she never gives up no matter what gets in her way. I personnally think that every woman has someone in their life like Dickey that causes turmoil in their lives and this book will definately hint to comparison. I definately relate to the story. After reading the book It reminded me to keep going and stay strong in life and that sometinmes when the going gets rough you have to get tougher.