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Leap Frog Letter Factory

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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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A preschool teacher recommended this video for my children to teach them the alphabet. The video pretty much doesn't do that at all. I was checking out preschools in the area and was concerned that my children didn't know the alphabet. I didn't choose the preschool where the teacher recommended Leap Frog videos. I purchased this Letter Factory along with three other Leaps videos. I was pretty disappointed. I was looking for a video to specifically teach the alphabet with songs or repetition. I know kids can learn some things from these videos but I've purchased better ones. Number one, I don't like the corny music playing while the family drives to the Letter Factory. The whole Leaps videos annoy me, I don't know why but they annoy me. My children watch a little then start playing. Maybe they need to be just a bit older. They are almost three. I show other videos and they seem more interested, we'll see. The Letter Factory is for children 2-5. It is 35 minutes long...thank goodness. It teaches phonics. My children own Lilly, Tad and Leap stuffed dolls so we were familiar. Professor Quigley is a character that teaches. Mr Websley is an old duck dressed in a suit with glasses and he writes books. Professor Quigley takes Tad into different rooms with each having bunches of the same letter. They go in one room and there are a bunch of A's there saying Ah...Ah..Ah. Then the music "The A says Ah, The A says Ah, Every Letter Makes A Word, A says Ah." Catchy tune. Phonics are very important in preschool. I just don't like the way it is presented. The video seems old or something. It says 2003 on the DVD case. I will show it again to my kids, maybe they will get interested as it goes along. Education is important and maybe it's just me. I prefer the newer videos, more entertaining for child as well as mom. Oh yeah, my one daughter learned her alphabet in three days just by repeatedly singing it to her.