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Leap Frog Clickstart My First Computer

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I’ve got a 2 year old that’s worn through her 2-year-old toys. Yes, I’m bragging a bit, but it really is a problem trying to keep her challenged in development when in some areas she’s ready to move forward in and others she’s not (i.e. she can to the ABC song and knows over 100 words, .. but can’t to a cartwheel yet). While she’s perfectly on tract with physical development, I don’t what to hold back her mental development just so that rest can catch up.

I got her this LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer because she enjoys playing on the computer with me and I thought she would like to have her own. I was very, very correct in this.

The products words:

• Turns television into a learning computer and teaches how to use mouse and keyboard and to navigate screens.

• Miniature mouse for little fingers to point and click; colored buttons to help learn keystrokes.

• Four learning games teach phonics, letters, animal facts, counting, and computer skills.

• Includes wireless keyboard, plug and play console, mouse and mouse pad.

I agree with everything above. Here is what they don’t tell you, …..

What's in the Box, Wireless keyboard, plug and play console, mouse and mouse pad (some units come also with (4 learning games, and 4 AA batteries). Now the console it’s self has the 4 learning games in it. I would suggest buying games along with this unit for children over 3 years. They will become board pretty quickly. My 2 year old enjoyed these very much though.

Opening the box, …..I honestly think that it’s the Japanese way of getting back at the US for Hiroshima is to package these products in a way that a small part of our lives is lost in frustration and anxiety over opening these children’s toys. Unfortunately this on was made in China, so I’ve got nothing for this reasoning, but non-the-less, when you finally open this, have the batteries already standing by, …..nothing is worst that performing a wrestling match for 20 min with a small cardboard box just to find you have to hunt for another 20 min looking for batteries.

Pretty straight forward hook up, an audio and a video cable go into your TV and then the console is turned on. The keyboard has it’s own power (though I would have liked to see a on off switch if this) and their connected wiresley. Original Nintendo Mario Bro’s graphics, and point and click keep it simple and understandable to most. Some if the graphics are confusing, but most are identified by colors and all-in-all it’s a very intesting process watching your child learn mouse control and using a keybord within just a few minutes.