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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Astrology

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My interests in horoscopes started when I was a teen, I remember reading everyday in my local paper about my own sign and other people signs I'd know of. As time wears on, I realized the description describing each sign seems to be vague and very general. At least one-twelve of the world's population is a particular zodiac sign and it would seem like a big coincident for every single Cancer on earth going to have, lets say a job offer or marriage proposal the next week. So I say forget the newspaper and magazine horoscopes and find out what real astrology is all about.

As time went on, my interest in astrology grew. I'd remember reading a book, Everything Astrology Book at a bookstore. The book is 304 pages and great for beginners as it give basic details--not only on each Sun Sign, but it breaks things down in astrology and offers good information about the Moon (rules our emotions) your Ascendant (the impression we give to others when first meeting), Mercury (our communication style and thinking) Venus (what we attract, our love to others; finances) Mars (describes our action and aggressiveness) Jupiter (luck and knowledge), Saturn (maturity, responsibility) Pluto (transformation and power), Uranus (originality and unconventional) and Neptune (illusion and creativity).

The book also gives excellent details on aspects. Aspects in astrology is when you combine one planet to another (i.e. venus to pluto) Venus is love and Saturn is maturity so when putting these two together describes a person that is possibly mature when it comes to love and takes things more serious. In order to find about aspects, you can create a natal chart or birth chart just from little information; your birthday, birth location and accurate birth time.

The book was fun to read and it amazes me that it can be accurate when it summarizes an aspect of me pretty well. Everything Astrology Book is great to read with others, if they are curious about finding out more in astrology. Sometimes I wonder how can a book possibly read me so well. The one thing that is negative when I read aspects about myself, that it can get way off base and secribe a personality that is the opposite of mines, so it can be somewhat conflicting.

I love this book and its great gift to give to someone as a Christmas present or birthday gift.