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Learn To Deal With Changes

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Who moved my cheese is a small book, hardly taking an hour of your life, but yet imparting a lot of changes in you. It is a book written by co-author of the best-selling book, "The one minute manager", which has a very simple but interesting story with four characters, namely Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. The entire book is written in simple English using these four characters making the book an interesting read.

About the Author:

Dr. Spencer Johnson, a B.A. in psychology from the University of Southern California, an M.D. from the Royal College of Surgeons, and Medical Clerkship at Harvard Medical School and The Mayo Clinic. The author had written a number of bestselling books including a few one minute series. The author has many other books including children's books to his collections.

The Story:

Cheese is symbolized in the story as what you want to have in your life and taking the cheese as the subject the author describes above named four characters from four different angles. Every one of us will fit to any of the four characters referred in the book and so we can make out in which category we actually fall and how to shift to the best character. The story starts with cheese and ends with cheese but still the book has been accredited as 'one of the most successful business books ever' by Daily Telegraph. It is true that the book helps us to discover simple truths that can be used to have healthier life with more success and less stress. The main objective of the book is to guide you in the following:

1. Anticipating change.

2. Adapting to change quickly.

3. Enjoying Change.

The book have a number of quotes between the pages, written in bold with more emphasis on the quotes, which I may call as the summary of the pages that has been covered till the placement of the quote.


The author has illustrated four ways to adopt change and it is us to decide which way we will prefer to adopt. Change is something which we usually don't want to accept. This is because; we don't want ourselves to shift from a comfort zone to uncertanity. But, change is necessary for progress and so we must change ourselves.

My benefits from the book:

After completing the book, I have adopted few good things from it. I had learnt to adjust myself with situations. The questions which were un-answered till the day before reading the book have now answers with justifications. I felt that I am too late to read this valued book but yet lucky as I had finally read it. I will rate it as the most prized purchase I had made so far in my life.

Bottom line:

Read the book and curse me if it did not benefited you. But before cursing me, be sure, you are truthful to yourself.