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Learn To Type With Mavis Beacon

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By lynnemg on
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Growing up, I did not have the benefit of having a keyboarding class to help me learn to type. I have had to learn on my own as I go. My Mom had this wonderful program at her house and suggested that I try it. I was really impressed right from the start.

The first thing I noticed about Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (volume 8) is that the program is designed to teach each person starting at their own individual level. The very first thing you do with this program after loading it on to your computer is take a short test to determine just what level you are at. From that point on, you work at your own pace to increase your ability to type and become familar with the keyboard.

The program contains many short exercises that teach you the individual keys on the keyboard and the proper way to use them. In other words, it teached you how to place your fingers and which fingers to use to hit each key. There is actually a picture below the exercise itself that you can follow to help you do it right.

After a few short exercises, the program gives you a short game to play. It is nothing very elaborate, but it is a nice little break from the exercises.

Another feature of this program is that it tells you what your actual typing speed is. It will calculate your words per minute and the number of mistakes you have made and give you an adjusted words per minute average so you can really keep track of your progress.

On the downside of this product, there are no updates that you can receive. You have to purchase the next volume to proceed once you have finished with this one.

Overall, I fell that Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (volume8) is a wonderful program that can help almost anybody learn how to type with accuracy and increase their speed over time.