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Learn Yoga At Home With This Collector Pack

Reviewing: Gaiam Yoga Dvd Collection(6 All Time Best Sellers)  |  Rating:
By harsha on
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I am starting my reviews with a review about yoga DVD because I thought it would be a good start as I start my day with yoga. This yoga DVD collection is the best DVD collection I have. The best part is that I got a set of six best selling yoga DVDs at just 70 bucks. The pack has a collection of all time best selling DVDs by best yoga teacher Mr.Rodney Yee and the best yoga instructor Patricia. The titles of the DVDs are 'Back Care Yoga', 'Energy Balance Yoga', 'Intermediate Yoga', 'Abs Yoga' and 'Strength Building Yoga' by Rodney Yeeand 'Flexibility Yoga' by Patricia. I have learnt the basics of yoga in India before coming to the US. After that I was busy with my studies, marriage and job. But from an year I started taking interest in yoga again as I am a big fitness freak.

First I started off doing yoga for a fit body but later it turned out to be an obsession and now I can start my day only after doing yoga. This collection of Yoga DVDs really helped me learn yoga well and now I am perfect with every yoga posture and I seldom watch these DVDs now a days as I do everything by my own. All the six DVDs in this collection teach different postures of yoga and help in learning all the postures in a very understandable and easy way. All the models in the videos portrayed the postures in such a way that every posture seems to be done effortlessly and the way they portrayed the postures really helps even a beginner to learn them easily as they gave a very detailed way of doing the postures.

'Intermediate Yoga' is an expert yoga video. It can only be done by people who can do all the beginner exercises and poses well and without difficulty. The poses are difficult and are well advanced for people who do at home. They need special training. Though I have been trying them quite for some time, I could only manage to hold the poses only for few seconds which really is bad. I just hope I could do them in a few days (or few months)! This is the difficult one of the lot.

As far as the other videos are concerned, the DVD 'Energy Building Yoga' is my favorite title. It depicts the way of keeping the mind focused and centered on anything we do. With this one I started to feel any work I do exciting and less tiresome. These exercises in this DVD helps in building relation between the mind and soul.

'Strength Building Yoga' is another good video to help in building better body. It teaches how to build a bettter and fit body without using any weights or dumbells. It helps in developing strength in every part of the body, thus helps in building a better body on a whole. This program helps in improving strength, confidence and balance.

'Back Care Yoga' is the most effective way of keeping back and the chest areas in good condition. With the help of a very good demonstrative video, one can well be assured of building a good back and upper body. After I started doing these exercises I felt the sudden vanishing of the occasional back pain I used to get earlier.

'Abs Yoga' is a very good video to help building better abdominal muscles and to develop a firmer stomach. The exercises depicted in this video are the toughest exercises for abs but after doing them regularly for a month, they become very easy and help in developing abs without any diet control. I haven't seen any better program for assured abs.

'Flexibility Yoga' helps in making the body flexible with the help of simple instructional exercise. It also helps in developing flexibility of mind for a better personality and for an improved decision making ability which helps in better way of living.

Yoga really changed my life a lot and this change can well be seen in my daily activities and my personality which is improved. I could see a lot of improvement in my decision making power, patience and concentration which really help in a better life. I must say that this Yoga DVD collection is the best teacher for yoga for the people who want to learn yoga at home. Though I am not obsessed with beauty and the way I look, I must say that my skin became shiny, young and it is glowing. I hope atleast one of you will learn yoga as it really helps in building better persona, better body and helps in leading a healthy life.