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Leatherman Wave

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mrbubl3s By mrbubl3s on
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The Leatherman wave is a nice little tool, when I was littler it was my dads (he gave it to me in the 3rd grade(about 7 years ago)), and I always liked it because, it has so many things, and its so tough, that it still looks the same as it did 7 years ago (and I use it a lot to this day)! Heres a list of all the stuff it has: a regular knife, a seraded knife, a handy file, a mini wood saw, a needle nose pliers (the "main" tool), 3 different screwdrivers (or whatever you can use them for), a nice little

scissors, a some what regular sized phillips screwdriver, some sort of flat

prying tool, a can opener, and I've found that you can use it for a nut cracker

too (if you open it half way and push both the needle nose's into the sides of the Leatherman its self and put the nut in there)! And to make all that even better, its made out of some sort of stainless

steel. So, I would recommend this to anyone, hard working or not, because, ITS AWESOME! (Although there is one small problem, the side of the tool with the phillips screwdriver, can opener, and flat thing, well, all of those tools are kind of hard to get out, but all well.)