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I love Glade. My husband would tell you that I'm Glade obsessed and that we are having to build a closet in the basement to store my ample supply of Glade products. That's only partially true. It will also store my ample supplies of shampoo toothpaste and shaving neccessities. I'm a sucker for deals especially when I have coupons.

I wanted so badly to give this product a 5, but I couldn't. I will let you know why and you can judge for yourself whether it's worthy of your vote.

The Glade Lasting Impressions has dual scents meant to vary and change with time. I had a lot of issues trying to find just the right place to put this product. With two very young children it couldn't be near any outlets by the floor or in a room that they frequent. I have the fortune or misfortune depending on how you look at it of having a very large open floorplan to my home. What this has meant for the Glade Lasting Impression is that even on high the scent doesn't travel enough to be noticed. It just gets lost in the open space. I've found that it does work well in a master bathroom but can be overpowering in a small bathroom especially if a door is left closed (as it is often in a house with small children).

Recently we did have a party where sub sandwiches were served and the powerful scent of onion was overwhelming. I was able to break out a Glade Lasting Impression and although I couldn't for the longest time smell the scent it released it did seem to take away the smell of the onions. Later while doing the dishes in realitively close proximity to the Glade Lasting Impressions I kept getting a craving for Fruity Pebbles, a cereal I haven't had in nearly ten years. After about four days of working around the kitchen counter and continually getting this craving I realized it was the smell of the Lasting Impressions that was influencing me.

To make a long story short good product for medium sizes spaces, not ideal for open floor plans or small spaces.

A while back I was able to get these nearly free when Walgreens was doing there rebate program. Now you will occassionally see Target Coupons or Manufacturer coupons for these products.