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Led Zeppelin Mothership A Great Trip

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By Hugo RB on
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Hi there,

Today I'm reviewing the new Mothership album. Mothership is a compilation album by the famed english classic rock group Led Zeppelin, featuring two CD's and 24 tracks in total.

The songs on the CD are as follows:

Disc One "Good Times Bad Times" (from Led Zeppelin) (Page/Jones/Bonham) - 2:46"Communication Breakdown" (from Led Zeppelin) (Page/Jones/Bonham) - 2:30"Dazed and Confused" (from Led Zeppelin) (Page) - 6:26"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (from Led Zeppelin) (Anne Bredon/Page/Plant) - 6:41"Whole Lotta Love" (from Led Zeppelin II) (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham/Willie Dixon) - 5:34"Ramble On" (from Led Zeppelin II) (Page/Plant) - 4:24"Heartbreaker" (from Led Zeppelin II) (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) - 4:14"Immigrant Song" (from Led Zeppelin III) (Page/Plant) - 2:25"Since I've Been Loving You" (from Led Zeppelin III) (Page/Plant/Jones) - 7:23"Rock and Roll" (from Led Zeppelin IV) (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) - 3:41"Black Dog" (from Led Zeppelin IV) (Page/Plant/Jones) - 4:58"When the Levee Breaks" (from Led Zeppelin IV) (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham/Memphis Minnie) - 7:08"Stairway to Heaven" (from Led Zeppelin IV) (Page/Plant) - 8:02

Disc Two "The Song Remains the Same" (from Houses of the Holy) (Page/Plant) - 5:29"Over the Hills and Far Away" (from Houses of the Holy) (Page/Plant) - 4:50"D'yer Mak'er" (from Houses of the Holy) (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) - 4:22"No Quarter" (from Houses of the Holy) (Page/Plant/Jones) - 7:00"Trampled Under Foot" (from Physical Graffiti) (Page/Plant/Jones) - 5:36"Houses of the Holy" (from Physical Graffiti) (Page/Plant) - 4:02"Kashmir" (from Physical Graffiti) (Page/Plant/Bonham) - 8:28"Nobody's Fault but Mine" (from Presence) (Page/Plant) - 6:15"Achilles Last Stand" (from Presence) (Page/Plant) - 10:23"In the Evening" (from In Through the Out Door) (Page/Plant/Jones) - 6:51"All My Love" (from In Through the Out Door) (Plant/Jones) - 5:51For those who remember the compilation set Zeppelin made called Early days, latter days, , this is basicly a rehash of that, with a few extra favourites. Led Zeppelin has been a literal founding father in determining the true sound of classic rock, and still influnces thousands of musicians today. Nearly all the songs on this album have replay value, and they each have their something special that has made zeppelin into arguably one of the greatest rock bands in history. For those who already have several of the zeppelin albums, this may not hold much interest to you, but for those seeking to know what the big deal is about Zepplin., i can highly recommend this album. It has a great compilation of their best hits, and is truely a trip back into a time that some of us didnt even have a chance to experience.