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Lee's Firebelly Landing Creature Home

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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My son recently decided he needed a new pet and it just so happened that we were down by the lake looking at frogs. being the good parent I helped him catch a few but then realized we really had no where to keep them. We stopped at Petco and decided to buy the Lee's Firebelly Landing aquarium. We didn't want something too big nor too expensive so this seemed to be the way to go. While it worked fine for the small frogs and would be adequate for a pet like a hermit crab, I wouldn't really recommendn this item. My first issue is the placement of the handle. While I am glad it has a handle, it goes right over the lid and the snap top that is used for opening the container. This means when you want to put something in like food you have to detach one side of the handle. That is pretty annoying. The second issue is that it has a tray underneath which keeps in the water. That is good. However, there is nothing holding the tray to th aquarium. While it is nice and quick for changinf the water the tray isn't very deep and whenever you move the container you have to grab it under the tray making the handle seemingly pointless. With a little kid who loves to pick up the container you can see why this is a problem. The water is always being spilled. Overall it was effective for holding the small creatures but the design is pretty poor. We have since returned the frogs and now use our creature container as a bug house. It wasn't terribly expensive but I think there are much better choices, especially if you plan on keeping your pets for a long time.