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Left Behind

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By dragoncoach on
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Left Behind is the first book in a series by authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The cover of the book describes the book as "A Novel of the Earth's Last Days."

This book is one dealing with the apocalypse, as demonstrated in the Bible in Revelation. Although this is an obviously Christian-based book, I truly believe that anyone who is a fan of action-adventure books would enjoy this read.

The basic premise of this first book is that in one moment, millions of people on earth disappeared. The story introduces you to some of those people who are "Left Behind, " as they try to figure out what exactly happened, and what they should do next. The authors do an amazing job with really painting the scenery for the reader- it is easy to "see" what kinds of chaos erupts as these people all disappeared by how the authors vividly describe every detail.

Left Behind is a fairly easy read- it is 468 pages in the paperback version, but don't let the number scare you- the text is large and easy to read, and story moves along quickly, so I was never bored while reading this. As I said before, there is a lot of Christian principles in this book, which I thouroughly enjoyed- things like questioning God in difficult times, and how to pray. I like how some of the characters struggled with being embarassed of their faith, or they felt stupid that they didn't know the Bible very well. I liked those character traits, because they were very realistic, and made the characters seem like they could be someone that you might meet in your own neighborhood.

I really love this book, and I would recommend to anyone- not just Christians.