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Left4 Dead: Best Zombie Horror

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Of the innumerable zombie survival games that litter store shelves, Left4Dead may be one of the best I've ever seen. As a first person shooter, Left4Dead brings so much intense action, it has proven to be one of the most addicting games available. The game is set during a zombie apocalypse, where everybody and his brother has been turned into a mindless, blood thirsty zombie. Picking one of four characters, you must fight your way from one safe house to the next, blasting the heads, arms, and legs of anything that moves. The settings change based on what level you play, but the horror aspect carries wonderfully from the streets of the city, to the cornfields of a farm. While this game may sound like every other zombie game, it stands out for a select few reasons:

Special Zombies: Left4Dead presents five creative zombies, each with their own disturbing abilities. The "Smoker", which can attack players from long distance, the "Hunter" which can leap large distances and pounce on a player, and the "Boomer", a rather obese characters that explodes on the players, covering them with zombie attracting vomit. The Tank and Witch are two other zombies that you'll quickly learn to steer away from, simply because of their brute strength. These zombies are unlike any other creation in video game history, and certainly add to the quick pace action that takes place in Left4Dead.

Multiplayer: Whether you are playing alone, or online, you are by three other members in the game. The game was designed so that you are completely dependent on these other characters. Once attacked by a "Special Zombie", you are helpless until you are helped by one of your teammates. This means you have to stick together and work as a team if you want to survive. When playing online, one team will play as the survivors, and the other team gets the pleasure of playing as the zombies. This single element may be one of the most entertaining feature the game has to offer.

Weapons:Molotov, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Pistols, and Pipebombs. 'Nuff said.

The game's bone-snapping sound effects are wonderfully done, and Valve still stands as one of the best companies in the development of game physics. From shoving a zombie off a roof, to getting bitch slapped by a Tank, the physics of Left4Dead are incredible. Unfortunately, Left4Dead is only available for the XBOX 360 and PC, but not the PS3.

Left4Dead is an awesome action/horror game, and can only be rivaled by Left4Dead 2. Left4Dead is a Mature rated game, but that only helps keep the zombie infection as hostile as ever.