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Legend Of Spyro: A New Beginning

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By mjevans on
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I have loved the Spyro games since they came out. I was instantly addicted to the first one and spent hours playing it. I have to admit I was more obsessed with collecting all the gems than anything. When the newest Spyro game came out, I was interested in it, yet didn't have an Xbox on which to play it. To my surprise I got both an Xbox and The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning for Christmas that year. I was ecstatic! Well up until I started playing the game that is.

Instead of the normal wander around picking up gems, and unlimited fire breathing, now gems feed your fire breath. Once you run out, you can't breathe fire until you find more gems. I found this a bit aggravating, as what's the point of being a dragon if you can't breathe fire?

One of the more frustrating aspects for me was having to learn these sequences of hitting buttons to perform certain moves and you couldn't progress with the game until they were learned. There were several times I got disgusted and walked away from it for a while.

While in some aspects this game was a bit harder than the previous ones, it was not as complex. There aren't the things to be learned or objects to collect to then go back to previous levels to finish them. This is a very linear game that at times can be a bit confusing, especially if you are expecting something similar to the previous games.

On the other hand because of not having to go back and finish levels, it was a bit easier. It only took me about 9 hours to finish this game.

Sadly this game just wasn't up to par compared to the previous Spyro games.