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Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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By Judith DaSilva on
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Like EVERY Zelda there are the Zelda classic puzzles and the DS one doesn't forget that with puzzles ranging from needing to close your DS into idle mode to almost anything else. They will be tricking your mind, but still making sense with the storyline or any side quests. The game might be a bit difficult and confusing for people who haven't played Windwaker for GCN, but a guide is always there; either bought or online. The game is great for all ages; for the puzzle solvers, to the people who want to unlock EVERYTHING or even for that person looking for a great story mode. This game is a little of everything. The touch screen is also nicely encorporated. With the DS's touch screen the game might feel a tad easier to Zelda enthusiasts, but it's a great touch to "spicen up" the Zelda franchise.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics are beatifully rendered for this game. Compared to other third party games where it was poorly done; these graphics or a god send. Nintendo really put their work into this game. The scenes of showing link sailing on the ship amaze me because of the realness of it and it's also "cartoony" graphics. Very well done on Nintendo's part. Zelda music always makes a comeback in any Zelda game. It's beautifully incorporated with the gameplay and all the Zelda chimes like getting a new item or unlocking something new are always glad to hear in a Zelda game.


This is a great game from the technical aspects to the gameplay. Some Zelda fans may not like some of the simplicity with the touch screen like shooting a boomerang is much easier in here than any other Zelda because you just draw the path of it. But, I'd recommend to anyone wanting to pick up a nice RPG to keep them busy for awhile.

I give the game a: 4.8