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Lego Indiana Jones: What Happened Here?

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By sarahdragon26 on
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When anyone thinks about Indiana Jones, you see Harrison Ford running through jungles, finding ancient treasures, and just getting himself into trouble. Well, Lego Indiana Jones was not all it could have been. I have all of the Indiana Jones movies, including the fourth one, and was really excited about the new game. Of coarse I knew it was going to be like the Star Wars Lego games, but that only made it more exciting. Yet, when my husband and I played, we were disappointed.

Yes, Indiana Jones had only three movies at the release of the game, but there was so much more that could have been added to the game. Yes, you run from a giant rolling rock, to saving the Ark, to getting the Holy Grail, but there was still something missing. Each epsiode or movie was too short in game play, even in Free Mode. There were not enough extra missions or extra rooms that could be accessed in Free Mode.

The graphics and camera motion were the same as Star Wars. The graphics were, of coarse, very impressive, and you're inability to move the camera yourself had not changed.

There were so many things about this game that could have been better. I know there are some who say it was awesome, but for me, I was looking for something more.