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Lego Mindstorms Robotic Kit

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The MINDSTORMS robotic kit is designed for children 12 years and older, and it's an excellent starter kit for first-timer robot builders, both children and adults. The programming is simple enough for those who wish to make more complex robots.With this kit, you can create robots in many shapes and forms. By utilizing various sensors in the kit, you can make your robot autonomous and smart in reacting to touch, colors and more.

What`s in the box?

Well, first time when I opened it, I was so amazed...so many things!! over 700 LEGO elements, the MINDSTORMS comes with an RCX Microcomputer that acts like a brain for the robot, 2 motors that will drive your robot, 2 touch sensors and 1 light sensor to give your robot the ability to react to touch and light.You will find the Constructopedia book that introduces the tools for building the robots as well as some ideas on how to build different types of robots. There is a CD-ROM that contains the software for building programs and an excellent tutorial that walks you through how the software works. There is also a USB IR transmitter included in the kit for downloading firmware and programs you create to the RCX. A light sensor test pad is also included.

The majority of the kit is comprised of LEGO pieces that serve different functions in building robots. These pieces include plastic building blocks, pegs that connect adjoining pieces, gears and wheels that allow your robot to move using the motors, bendable plastic tubes that can make various shapes and even rubber bands that can make belts.The more robots you build, the more ideas you will have as you get very familiar with the functions each LEGO piece can provide. The LEGO elements are durable and reusable. You can easily incorporate other LEGO pieces or tools into this kit.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS is a great robotics starter kit that both children and adults will enjoy. Building and programming is very easy. The re-usable material provides the robot builders the ability to experiment with as many robots as they can imagine building. The user documents, software tutorials and information online are great resources to help robot builders learn and invent with this kit. In addition to the MINDSTORMS kit, there are other expansion sets which make this product very scaleable.

While the LEGO MINDSTORMS is a wonderful kit for learning and experimenting, it might not be suited for those who are looking for robotics kit as a platform for applications that requires the robots to be more securely or permanently assembled for tasks such as running on rough terrain. It could also use a remote control which would make program testing easier, though you can get the remote control in the Ultimate Accessory Set.