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Lego Star Wars: How Did Lego Get To Be Fun

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By sarahdragon26 on
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When I first heard about the Lego Star Wars games for PS2 and PS3, I was unsure of how well the game will be received. I grew up playing Legos, so I was naturally interested in how the game was. I first got the Lego Star Wars games for PS2, then got the Complete Saga for PS3. My husband and I love to play the two player part and we've actually played the games over and over again.

I have to say the thing that I loved most about the Complete Saga was that it included all the old movies and the new movies. My husband is not a very big Star Wars fan, unlike me. I have seen all the movies, so when we played, I had to explain certain parts of the games so my husband didn't feel too confused. The game brings in almost all of the characters you seen in all six movies.

When you first start the game, you have to play in story mode which takes you through each epsiode of the movies and once you complete each epsiode, you can go back and play in Free Mode. Free Mode is fun because you can create your own character, play as them and also use the characters that you've acquired from playing in Story Mode. The characters go from Bountry Hunters, Droids, Jedi Knights, and the Dark Side. The vehciles they ride in are Legos and when the characters die, they break apart in pieces of Legos. In Free Mode, you can go through each epsiode and do special missions or enter rooms you couldn't before. It put's a different kind of fun in the game, instead of just playing in Story Mode.

The only part of this game that was a little annoying was that you couldn't really control the camera motion. The camera moved on it's own as you move the characters through the epsiodes and the extra missions.

All things aside, this game is a must for those who love Star Wars or Legos. You get to play a fun, kind of childlish game with some of the characters you grew up with as well as the characters from the new movies.