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Legos Stick Together And Won't Fall Apart!!

Reviewing: Lego Duplo Zoo Set  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
Badge: Publisher | Level: 10 | Children & Parenting Expertise:

When I was looking for a nice building block set for my little grandson, I chose to try out Megabloks. I wound up taking that set back as the blocks woud not stay put together after you built something and they caused extreme frustration in my grandson, Cooper. In the back of my mind, I knew I should have stuck with the well known Lego brand system but I had heard so many good things about Megabloks. Having experienced that block set failure, I went out and bought this Lego Zoo set. My grandson has had more fun with this set since I bought it. Not only is it easy for him to grasp the blocks but when he builds something, whatever creation, it stays put together. There is no need to get out the masking tape to hold the creation together and there is no more frustration.

The Lego brand has been around for many years and they are a quality brand. I remember having Lego blocks when I was younger many years ago. My grandson's dad, uncles, and aunt all had them also. I can remember all the fun they had when they played with them. My daughter even had a set that was made exclusively for girls as the pieces were light pink, light purple, light yellow, and light green. This zoo set is quite unique as it has colors not seen in most Lego sets such as borwn, grey, black, and a rust color.

This zoo set contains one hundred and twenty eight pieces in various shapes and sizes. Children can either build the zoo animals pictured on the storage tub or create other imaginative pieces. I love Legos as they allow children to develop fine motor skills, use their imaginations, and just have pure, clean fun. The extra large blocks have smooth edges and are non toxic. There is even a sturdy tub that children can use to store their blocks after playing with them.

I highly recommend this set for all young builders out there. The pieces actually stay together and will not fall apart on their own. Sometimes it pays to stick with a brand that you already is well known for quality.