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Lenovo R61e

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The Lenovo R61e has a 1.8 GHz dual core processor, 80 Gb hard drive, 1014 MB RAM and comes with Windows Vista. The amount of RAM is quiet low and the processor is adequate at best but it is sufficient to run Windows Vista and most programs and games will run without problem. However the computer is very slow right out of the box because not only are there computer-slowing, useless Windows programs but also it comes with a ThinkVantage program package that has virtually no use because they are exactly identical to what is provided by Windows. However once those programs are uninstalled the startup time is ok and the RAM and CPU are adequate for running most programs easily. The R61e has 3 USB 2.0 ports, a DVD-CD-RW drive and a built in wireless card. These are standard features and work as such. One thing that is nice is the extent of drivers that Vista has so almost any USB device you plug in is compatible and the driver is ready to be installed. I have had problems with the wireless card staying on. I will turn the wireless card on and when I am connected to a network it just turns off. But I have found that if you turn it on a special way it stays on as long as you want. So it is not that big of a deal but is rather annoying. Another very annoying thing is that is does not come with a touchpad but rather a little ball mouse in the middle of the keyboard. My computer has a battery with an extended life and I have found that battery life is very satisfactory and there are many options for increasing your battery life. Including something called a battery stretch which turns off every unnecessary devices and will add more battery. The computer also has a cool feature which turns off your hard drive for a few seconds if your computer is shaken so that your hard drive is not damaged. It can be turned off if you don't want what you are doing to be frozen when your computer gets shaken. Overall the computer is a very good starter laptop, you get enough CPU power and RAM for a pretty good price. However I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to do a lot of gaming or needs it for graphics or video work because the processor and RAM is adequate but not enough for more heavy programs. The hard drive is also small but enough for most people. The features are for the most part nice and convenient. The only problem I have had is the ThinkVantage programs which annoyed me to no end because they are just slow and have no use to anyone. Various other things are not perfect but nothing is a serious problem and I would say that anyone who wants a computer for anything but high-performance applications would do well in getting this computer.