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Lenovo Think Pad T61

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T61 uses the latest professional-grade nVidia graphics NVS 140M. Using G86 core, and to support DX10, contrast T61 platform in use at Intel platform straight upgrade, T61 independent graphics immediately realize the two changes: ATI camp, go to nVidia, the consumer to the professional graphics card. Because graphics cards have an independent T61, all of them are using professional NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M graphics with 128MB of independent video memory, the largest share system memory to 512MB. T61P and more high-end models are used for high-end NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M graphic card, an independent memory also expanded to 256MB.

T61 itself using the configuration, compared to other business notebooks, there is no special place too much, the same Santa Rosa platform, trust on the T61 body, nor will it become more powerful; but T61 used compared to other brand notebook business the use of professional graphics cards, so we put more attention to this independent body graphics. This is a test at our website are the actual test data. Because T61 is equipped with professional graphics cards, so the test software used SPECViewperf 10 this software, the software is developed by the SPEC organization of professional 3D graphics standard test procedures. This test procedure is not only comprehensive, but the process itself on the practical application of the environment has a very high degree of simulation. It contains MCAD category (catia-01, Pro/ENGINEER03, SolidWorks 01, Unigraphics 04), DCC Class (LightScape 07, 3 DS Max 03, Maya01) and visualization in scientific computing (ensight-01), such as some workstations the main aspects of the application. Or we have said earlier, if you feel that the procurement business notebook to stir up troubles, then select ThinkPad T61 will not be a wrong decision, all aspects of a balanced and powerful performance, as well as new improvements are in keeping with the times it pace to become the next generation of the classic, although accompanied by improvements in all these discussions begin once shaken a number of IBM irons FANS choice, but put aside the feelings of factors, from the procurement point of view, if the T61 is not worth recommend, that left more What does?