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Leopard Geiko

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billtkatt By billtkatt on
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So i had a tarantula which unforntuately died in it's molt recently, so went to the pet store with my wife to pick up another one. She then noticed this leopard Geiko and began asking the salesperson some questions about it. She then asked if i would rather have that, instead of the spider as the Geiko would be more fun to own.

So i said sure, and we brought her (lizzy) home. You can easily handle her, and she doesn't bite (some do). She is very curious, and immediately doesn't like my female dog and wants to bite her.

Very easy to care for, and eats crickets and other live insects only three times per week. Change the water every other day, and just scoop out the lizard poop (hard pellet) when you see it. They go to the bathroom in the same place, everytime.

I recommend this pet, as so far it has been rewarding!