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Leslie Sansome Walk At Home Walk Slim

Reviewing: Leslie Sansome Walk At Home Walk Slim Fast Start (1 & 2 Mile Walk) And 3 Fast Miles  |  Rating:
May Monten By May Monten on
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I just got this out of the library. I found it significantly harder than the 2 Leslie Sansome videos that I own (Walk Away the Pounds High Calorie Burn 2 Miles, and Walk Away the Pounds Express Brisk Walk 2 Miles).

It contains 2 DVDs. The first DVD is called "Fast Start" and is supposed to be a 1 or 2 mile walk. The second DVD is "3 Fast Miles."

The "Fast Start" DVD is actually a 2 mile walk. If you wanted to do it as a 1 mile walk, you'd have to just stop at the 1-mile mark (and then jump ahead to the cool-down), or else start there (after doing the warm-up).

This DVD contains interval training, where periodically you can do brief bursts of high impact work. This is optional, and only a few of the exercisers in the room do it.

I don't like to do high impact exercise, but for someone who does, this could increase the intensity of the workout quite a bit.

The Fast Start DVD also has very fast walking in place, which made my legs tired.

I didn't make it all the way through the Fast Start DVD.

The other DVD, the 3-mile one, runs for 45 minutes and also contains a lot of very fast walking, but not the high-impact work. Instead, Leslie adds on a variety of low-impact steps, like mambos and side lunges, that are common in aerobics, but not in Leslies's videos which are usually confined to Leslie's four basic steps.

I liked the "3 Fast Miles" DVD better than the "Fast Start" one. I modified it a lot, though, to make it easier and to add in some more variety in the footwork so that my legs didn't get tired from doing so much of the fast marching step. I also turned off the sound and listened to other stuff while I did the workout.

Overall, I liked the Walk Away The Pounds videos a lot better, but the 3-mile DVD in this set would be good for when I wanted to do a longer work-out than I usually do.

Although I turned off the sound altogether (because I had stuff I wanted to listen to while I was exercising), I should mention that the music on this DVD set is much better than the music on the other Leslie Sansome videos that I've done, and that the DVDs give you the option of doing music-only workouts.