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Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow!

Reviewing: Mucinex D 18 Extended Release Bi Layer Tablets  |  Rating:
By chocollette on
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I will preface my review by writing that I avoid taking medications at all costs but this winter hit me hard with my very first sinus infection and I desperately needed relief to maintain my sanity.

After taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor, Advil Cold and Sinus, and Afrin, I decided to add Mucinex D to the mix. It was perfectly safe to take in addition to my other cocktails of drugs as you take the Mucinex D every 12 hours. Everyone I spoke with said that my mucus would loosen up and the floodgates would open and the snot would flow freely. I am one to expect immediate results and when the floodgates did not open, I was going to stop taking the Mucinex (this was after three days of faithfully taking it).

During the course of the aforementioned sinus infection, I had not been sleeping well and on the first night that I finally was in my REM sleep, snot greeted my nose and I finally relieved the pressure in my head and kept Kleenex in business for a few hours.

Mucinex did everything it said it would by clearing up nasal and sinus congestion and thinning and loosening up mucus but I did not give this a perfect five rating because of the price. I have never paid so much for over the counter drugs so it was a bit of sticker shock but once I experienced what it did for me, I would probably pay that price again.