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Let The Presses Roll!

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tai-pan By tai-pan on
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Ok, I've seen some yea's and nay's regarding this brand and model. However, these past three months have (for me) proven my little "L24" to be a honey of a worker! Now as to perspective, I am NOT a techie. I'll leave that to those better qualified than I to even pronounce half of the things out there!

That stated...

Fax, Scan, Print, USB ports, software for dummies, it's an all in one for me.

I have nearly exhausted a 500ct. pk. of printer paper, I am into my second color cartridge, for this time period and still going strong. I've had this little workhorse milling out resumes gamillions this winter, re-write after re-write, corrections, tailored targeting, re-formats, etc. Faxing (why are we still using that?!?!?) all over the country.

Scanning specific applications, uploading the same (usb). The "All in One Center" software has been a breeze to operate (remember "dummy"). Recently a friend uncovered a box of old pictures from some long times ago before we had gray hair. Having lost most of my material history some few years ago now, I recognized a replacement opportunity!

Two days, I don't know how many prints, some 5 megs+ of picts. And all manner of file and e-mail shuffling, disc burning and on and on. The Lex has labored through it all. Many of the photos were quite improved by the software!

Roughly 16" X 12" X 5" in dimension, I find it fairly compact as these little critters can go. With a meager amount of desktop real-estate available to begin with, that is a huge plus for me.

Something like $29+ picked this up for me at the local Wally-mart, plus $4 worth of paper, cartridges about $15something (I think!), all in all I'm about $50-$70 in my winter "self-publicizing " odyssey.

I have owned this particular model some two yrs. now, with all manner of occasional use until this recent onslaught of print mayhem I've been putting it through.

I don't know if I would publish a book with it, make coffee or any of the other bells and whistles that seem to find themselves attached to periphs these days, but for a guy that just needs the job done.

The Lex is the one for me.