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Let The Right One In: Vampires Don't Glisten...

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Wilson Alba By Wilson Alba on
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In a world controlled by marketing and hype, the Twilight series reigns supreme. Though just to make it clear, I haven't seen the movies nor read any of the books in full, but from the little of what I've seen and read; the series is just ploy to teen angst and sexual repression versus vampire lore.

A good friend recommended this Swedish film to me, and just like Twilight, it is also about vampires and started as a novel.

The film is about Oskar; 12-years old, always bullied at school and is shuffled between his separated parents' homes. He befriends a strange kid, named Eli, who moves beside the apartment where Oskar lives with his mom. They form a strange bond. With Eli eventually helping Oskar overcome his bullies at school. But he soon learns that Eli is not a typical kid.

Still and unsettling, the film gives the audience time to ponder the many layers of its narrative. It respects vampire lore, hence the title. (A vampire can only enter a home if he/she is invited in.) It's also brutal and violent, which are present to serve the film's plot, not just to shock or frighten. And there always seems to be something lurking around the corner, it's the type of horror where, what you DON'T see, scares more.

Behind all that, there is genuine empathy for the characters. A touching, but at the same time haunting, story between two children can be found here. Touching-haunting also applies to the film's simple ending.

Recently released was a US remake. Though I haven't seen it, from the reviews I've read, the adaptation is quite faithful to the Swedish original.

All I can say is, see this if you can. Because vampires don't "glisten" in the sunlight. They spontaneously combust.