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Let There Be Light!

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I know it's not politically correct these days to admit that I very much prefer incandescent light, to florescent. But quite honestly, I have to admit that I do. There is just a warmth to incandescent lighting that florescent just doesn't have. I absolutely hate the cold, sterile feel of florescent lighting.

However, since new legislation has recently passed, it seems that very soon florescent will be our only choice. I have heard that inventors are scrambling frantically behind the scenes, to come up with alternatives to the compact florescent bulbs that will soon be required.

But for now, my favorite type of lighting to read by is General Electric's Reveal 3-Way Bulb. If your lamp is wired for 3-Way lighting, you can have the choice of 50, 100, or 150 watts. The neat thing about these bulbs is that when you just want environmental lighting, you can choose the lower wattage. But if you are reading, or doing something that requires a brighter light, then you can increase the wattage with just the turn of your lamp switch.

Reveal bulbs use a special kind of glass called neodymium, which takes away the flat, yellowish look of ordinary bulbs, and provides a cleaner, brighter light. I can really tell a difference.

With your register receipt, and the UPC code, GE will refund any bulb that does not perform as advertised. GE Reveal 3-Way Bulb is ideal for you to use in your home, office, or study.

And yes, I know I'll have to get used to the compact florescent bulbs in the near future, but I don't have to like them!