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Let's Fifa 09

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By metsrule08 on
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This fun game is great for any fütbol/soccer fans that also love gaming. I decided to try this game after a soccer-rich trip to Italy. I especially like the 'Be a Pro: Seasons' Mode. This allows you to create a player, and start him in the reserves of any team around the world. Your goal is to bring your player to the top of the world, both nationally and internationally, over a 4 year span. At the end of the 4th year, your player will compete in the World Cup. You will represent your nation, and hope to bring back a trophy. This glorious feet ends your Be a Pro, though, but you can always create a new one.

The game also features a Create-A-Player Mode, a Tournament Mode [Which is the same as a Season], and the old fashion exhibition match. One situation that makes this game fun is when you end in a draw, you are given the option of the many overtime options. I personally love going into a penalty shootout with a friend, and watching my players pile-on after I beat them [:-)]! Another, great feature is the option to pick your player's celebration after they score a goal. Whether its praying on his knees, cartwheeling, or doing the robot, it makes every goal that much better. Finally, the ability to set your team's tactics before each game is another bonus.

P.S. The game's box various from region to region, so don't be alarmed.

[Oh, and go A.S. Roma!!!!]