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Let's Go 4 Wheeling!!!!

Reviewing: Honda Foreman 450  |  Rating:
loveonce1 By loveonce1 on
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I grew up in Georgia where there are a bunch of fields and hills. I will admit that my father spoiled my brother, sister and me. We each had our own 4-wheeler and played all day long. I didn't give it a high safety feature because I don't think they are really all that safe period. I had a few spills, but they were worth all the fun I had.

It was 4 wheel drive, which is not standard like I thought and green in color. I liked mine best because it had an automatic clutch and headlight. My brother and sister chose to get the racier kind that went fast and theirs did nto have a headlight. I was always the leader because of this. It was a 2 seater, but I have carried 4 before. There are bars on the back that have just enough room for someone to sit on either side. The 4 wheel drive came in handy with all the Georgia red clay and it had a wonderful braking system. I had front and rear brakes, but I rarely used the rear ones.

The gauges were easy to see and lit up great at night. The gas tank was located at the top and it was easy to fill. It even had a horn, which I appraently wore out because it no longer works...lol. I really think that Honda makes great ATV's and cars. You can't go wrong. They may be a bit more than the others, but well worth the price.