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Levaquin Overrated Antibiotic

Reviewing: Ortho Mcneil Levaquin 500 Or 750  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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I'm not one to get sick a lot, but when I do get sick, it's pretty bad. One of my most recent things is a nasty sinus infection that's been giving me migraines for days at a time. The doctor I work for gave me Levaquin because we had samples in the office and I have to say it didn't do a thing. I know that antibiotics are usually good for certain things but not others, but Levaquin is supposed to be a broad type antibiotic that takes care of most everything.

In the past it was effective for a UTI, giving relief within a few days. This time it didn't work as well as it should and I had to switch to another antibiotic about a week later. Normally I don't write negatively about a drug unless I know it's got a problem-this drug has been ineffective for me in the past, so I know that it doesn't work well in my case. If I didn't have samples of it available, I would be very upset because it's EXTREMELY expensive.

The side effects are pretty bad, too. I get very lethargic, hardly able to keep my eyes open at work in some cases. It also makes my stomach hurt and causes a lot of nausea. I am sensitive to a lot of medications, so this may not be the case in a lot of people's experiences.

Bottom line here is that just because a drug is SUPPOSED to be good doesn't mean it is. I'll be sticking with good old fashioned drus that really work well!

One more note-Just because this one hasn't worked for me doesn't mean it doesn't work at all! We do actually have a lot of patients it has worked for in the past, so that's why I give it a 3 instead of a 1-it has been effective for other people that I've seen.