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Lever 2000 With Vaseline Replenishing Ingredients

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kilovictorsierra By kilovictorsierra on
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I know what you're thinking--why on earth would I review a bar of soap? After all, soap is a highly personal item. Some people like a little fragrance, other people don't. Others put value on color, or the aesthetic value of the unused bar itself. I happen to believe that the latter is raather silly, but to each his own, right?


Prior to trying this soap, my only previous experience with Lever brand soaps had been the classic Lever 2000. I'm sure you remember the ads...a happy chap or lass lathering up in the shower with that trademark rectangular/oval green bar. Indeed, my own experience hadn't been that far off from the above. It wasn't the soap to end all soaps, but it certainly wasn't a horrible soap either. It was with that experience in mind that I decided to try the new concoction Lever was peddling the last time I went shopping for bathing supplies.

The soap itself isn't a a bad soap. It's white, has that trademark Lever shape, and smells just fine. The problem arises when one actually washes oneself with it. Imagine my surprise when halfway through my shower I found myself...sticky. Not gooey nor slimy, simply sticky. I have no idea what causes this--perhaps its simply some byproduct of my own body chemistry. All I know is that it contributed to one of the most horrid shower experiences I've ever had. For that reason, I do not reccommend this soap.