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Lexapro Lexapro Review

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Suffering from depression is not the easiest thing in the world. When your mind doesn't seem like your own and your emotions are everywhere, turning to antidepressants can be your worst nightmare. After trying three different types of antidepressants, I have found Lexapro to be the most effective. There are hardly any side effects and for once the medication concentrates on fixing the problem instead of creating more. Lexapro works by helping to restore the chemical balance in the brain by releasing the right amount of serotonin into the brain to help it influence your mood. There are many different levels of Lexapro you can take a day and it is taken once a day. I am currently taking 25mg in the morning when I first wake up. The only side effect that I have noticed is that depending on what time you take it, you basically have about 12 hours before you start to feel run down and tired. So if you take it at 8am, be ready to be in bed by 9pm or 10pm. So its best that you find the right time to take it.

For the first week or two be prepared to have fatigue and insomnia as you start to find the best time to take this antidepressant. But it wears off quickly once your body adjusts. And if you like me and have had medications switched and upped and adjusted so many times, there is not waiting period to switch medications... Lexapro makes a very smooth and safe transformation.

Lexapro you can take with or without food, so you don't have to wait for the next meal or force yourself to eat in order to take the medication. I personally find it easier to take with something small in my stomach, a cookie or something small to help it digest and break down properly.

Like many people, when you get a headache or cramps or an ache or pain you like to take a Tylenol. Some antidepressants don't let you safely mix these medications. Lexapro works well with Tylenol, Midol, Ibuprofin, and Advil. I have used them with Lexapro and have had no side effects. Both medications seem to do both their jobs correctly without harsh interactions.

I have been taking Lexapro for over a year now and I highly recommend it. But of course you want to check with your doctor first.