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Lexmark Color Printers

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Raymond Lafstorm By Raymond Lafstorm on
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I got a Lexmark printer as a girft along with my newly bought computer last year. The printer itself is now long gone as i got sick and tired of it. I originally thought it would be quiet useful, being able to print full color pages and glossy paper. I used it for about a week just to discover it malfunctioning, printing only pink and dark red colors. At first I thought it was out of ink but when i checked it on the computer, more than 90% of all of the colors were still intact. I decided not to use it anymore and resort to going over to my friend's house to print stuff. After about a month of leaving it alone I woke up to a sulfuric smell. I ran to find the source just to find that the back of the printer had overheated and had melted the power cable. I was very confused because I had not turned the printer on for a month. I phoned Lexmark but they said because it was a gift, there was no warranty;therefore; they couldn't do anything about it. I don't recommend you to buy color printers at all as they run out of ink fast and don't print as fast as Laser's do. Spend a extra 100 to buy a high quality printer as cheap ones can end up costing you even more than lasers.