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Lexmark X3550 3in1 Printer

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datubaman By datubaman on
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The Lexmark X3550 3in1 printer/copier/scanner has been one of the best printers that I have ever owned! It is relatively easy to use, and not only does it have direct to print features, but it is also Wi-Fi capable, meaning that you can print to the printer from anywhere in the house wirelessly!

The first of the features that I'll be talking about is the direct to print feature. There are three separate memory card reading slots on the front of the machine, each very clearly labeled for use. My biggest complaint about this "direct to print feature" is that the machine interface screen does not have a color screen, or any option about what photos you want to print. You more or less have to organize the photos on your camera before plugging the card into the printer. I did not like this, but what can you expect for only $130?

The next feature is the Wi-Fi option on the printer. The biggest problem with the Wi-Fi (even though the idea is cool) is that you have to buy a separate card for the printer in order for it to be fully cordless. I suppose if you have an extra Wi-Fi router and broadcaster lying around the house, you could plug the printer into that. Once again, you get what you pay for.

Lastly, the ink consumption is something that I have a small problem with...And before I go on, I know my article sounds negative, but for a graduate student needing a good printer to work with, this was the best one I have owned. So the ink consumption. Yeah. I have owned my printer for about three months, and I have used up most of the first black ink cartridge. You might be wondering how much I used my printer in those three months. Well, I only used it about once or twice a week, printing only about a dozen or so pages at a time. You would think that with how little I printed, there would be a lot of ink left. There really isn't. Only a minor complaint though. The page that this machine prints is the crispest page I have ever seen on any inkjet printer. I would venture to say that it rivals some lower quality laserjet printers.

Overall, I think this printer is a good investment for those of you that want to be able to make photocopies from home (which this machine does very well), print some of the best quality pages next to a laserjet, and have the ease of just plugging your camera into the printer to print photos. A good buy if you have $130 dollars to use.