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Lexmark X75: It'll Do

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I bought this printer used, which is pretty much the only way you can get them now. This review is about what you can expect from a Lexmark X75 when its been out of the box for a while and not about what they're like all shiny and just home from the store.

This is my first All in One Printer, and I love having a scanner and copier at home. However, I've noticed that I still take a lot of my copying to work and pay the ten cents a copy to do it there rather than use up my own ink supply. Why? Because the ink for the Lexmark X75 is %$&@$ expensive! It's almost twice as much as the ink I used to buy for my Canon printer. It's a big enough expense (over $50) that I'm not always able to get new ink when I need it. So, while the idea of being able to make copies at home is really nifty, with this printer it remains an idea. I think I would rather have a printer that I'd use to make real live copies instead of just enjoying the possibility of making them.

My recommendation would be, buy this printer if you have plenty of disposable income for ink. But if you have all that money lying around to spend on ink, you might as well use some of it to buy a better All in One printer. The Lexmark is adequate, but it's not worth writing home about. (Especially if you have to print out the letter before you send it there.) The scanning, printing, and copying speeds are pretty slow, and with my Lexmark, the paper feeder needs a lot of encouragement before it will do its job. I'm thinking it's going to resign altogether any day now. This isn't the most durable printer to buy when choosing something used.

The print quality leaves something to be desired, but not so much that you feel you have to replace the entire printer over it. Most of the features are like this. They work fine. They'll do. Eh, ok, it's good enough. You won't be breaking into songs of joy while using this printer, but you won't want to throw it at the wall either. It's like a perfectly nice boyfriend that you're not really in love with. This printer will do until something better comes along. But if you have the choice before committing, I'd say, "Run! Run while you still can!"