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Lg 52 Dlp Television

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Jeff Reaves By Jeff Reaves on
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I purchased this television about 4 years ago. At that time the DLP and Plasma televisions were all the rage. You can get a large television without the tv taking up half of your livingroom. The DLP was much cheaper than the plasma tv which is one of the reasons I purchased the DLP. The picture quality however was not as good but it's a large improvement from my standard tv.

One of the biggest issues with purchasing a DLP television is that for the life of the tv, the consumer will have to purchase a bulb every 2-5 years. Although the bulbs have come down in price over the years, they are still expensive. The bulbs can currently be purchased for about $200.00 which is down from $300.00. Some websites are advertising them for about $130.00. My first bulb last for about 2 years. My current bulb has lasted for about 2.5 years so far. It is just according on how much you use your tv. Consumer report states a typical bulb will last about 5, 000 hours but have heard of them lasting over 8, 000 hours. I just personally don't like the feeling of not knowing when I turn on my tv, if this will be the time when the tv just won't come on and it is time to dish out $200.00.

The picture quality is not that great without purchasing High Definition equipment to go with it. The basic accessories such as cable, surge protector etc. will probably cost you another $100.00, if not more. I had to update my Directv equipment. I got an HD sattellite and receiver. The HD service is an additional $10.00 a month. I started out only getting about 10 HD channels but Directv has recently expanded their service and will continue to in the future. The service is worth it though. The HD channels are so clear that it looks as if you could just step inside your tv. The National Geographic Channel is my favorite to watch in HD because of the beautiful scenery.

The remote is rather large which I don't really like. I do like all the features though. You can program your VCR, DVD and Sattellite into the remote. It also has a Freeze Frame button where you can freeze any scene on the tv. There are 4 different Ratios for viewing. There are also numerous audio features including Front Surround Sound, Theater and Stadium. You can also view up to 4 frames on the screen to see up to 4 programs at once.

The television is about 48.5" Wide and 16" Thick. It is ideal for someone like myself who enjoys a large television but has a small livingroom. The price has come down considerably over the years especially since the LCD Televisions seem to have taken over. The LCD's look like a flatscreen computer monitor.

I love my television but if I had to go out and purchase another one, this is not the TV I would purchase. I would definetly purchase the LCD. The picture quality is much better, it is lighter and takes up even less space. Plus the prices are very reasonable and most importantly, YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPLACE A BULB! I'm sure once I purchase an LCD, technology will continue to improve and something even better will come along.