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Lg Dare Dare Review

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By jdog on
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I have had my Dare for almost a year now. I am on my second one because the first phone had trouble with the music player. The music player is what is most important to me other than the phone features. I use my Dare when I run so it's important that I have a good music player. I also have a bluetooth receiver in my car so that I can listen to music from my Dare wirelessly through the radio. I use Verizon with Rhapsody to add songs to my device and have had nothing but problems with it. Just the other day I spent hours trying to get one song from my Rhapsody library to my phone. The computer recognizes my phone but for some reason either Rhapsody freezes or my phone just turns off. If I try to transfer a song it acts as if it will work, but something freezes. I am running the latest verion of the software and my phone is in the right mode, etc., and I have tried the troubleshooting. I have heard of many people who have the Dare that have trouble with tansferring music.

The phone is great, however my earpiece has recently began making an annoying noise when I am talking on the phone. It's like a buzzing. I have dropped it many times and had no trouble, it usually doesn't even turn off. The battery lasts very long, which is really great. The touchscreen isn't as good as the iphone or the blackberry storm, but I like it better than regular screen and don't think that I will ever go back. I don't have fingernails and have no problem using the touchscreen. Texting is so easy and I can take photos and send them directly to facebook from my Dare. It doesn't have the full browser like a PDA, but it's enough for me. I can check email and facebook and granted those applications are limited unlike the PDAs, but it's good enough for quick checks.

All in all it's a fun phone, but it's no iphone. When I get a new one I will make sure that the music can easily transfer from the computer!